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Selection of an ideal place for a wedding is one of the most difficult problems for young couples. There are several essential factors to be considered, such as nice surrounding, a hall complying with the number of wedding guests, tasty cuisine, the presence of polite and helpful waiters and, naturally, the costs to be paid for the wedding party. Our hotel can perfectly meet these criteria.

Our wedding offer includes the following:
- taking wedding photos in the garden of Semsey Mansion,
- nice dinner for20 to 250 guests,
- dishes of traditional and modern cuisine,
- wine specialities of 40 high-quality wineries,
- wide choice of drinks,
- exclusive room decoration,
- accommodation,
- affordable prices, personalized price quotation

Our wedding halls:
- up to 15 people: Earl Butler Wine Parlour
- up to 60 people: Hortobágy Hall
- up to 120 people: Restaurant
- up to 250 people: Kőnig Hall