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The multi-purpose event centre is a modern complex constructed according to the WesternEuropean model, where visitors can find a sports court which would be suitable even for a handball match of the Championship League,and a conference hall equipped with the most modern IT and visual devices.
Handball court: a sports court covered with Gerfloor can be used for both sports and business events. In the occasion of a company on-site event,we have already hosted a large-scale event with 700 guests. At present, on the stand of the handball court, there are 530 seats; however, it will be expandedwith an additional 350 seats.

Fitness: hotel guests can use the modern gym, suitable for high-standard bodybuilding and everyday fitness training, free of charge.

Thanks to the development of sport tourism,our hotel has become one of the new sport centres in the region due to the adjoining sports facilities and accompanying services.
The following facilities and services are available for sport teams and hotel guests seeking active recreation:
- lit football pitches, covered with natural and artificial lawn
- swimming pools
- gym equipped with modern sports machinery
- sports court with high-quality covering, its size is equivalent to that of a handball court
- non-stop open thermal pool, which can also be used in the winter
- wellness and sauna world
- recreational therapy
- several types of massages